View the Yorkshire Terrier Dogs for Sale from Royal Cupids of York

All puppies and young dogs are currently sold out. Please visit page “Upcoming Litters” to reserve a puppy from our future breeding.

Contact Royal Cupids of York for Yorkshire Terrier (Teacup Yorkie) dogs for sale. All of our dog’s parents and the majority of all ancestors in pedigree are DNA and Patella Luxation certified. Our dogs are raised on an organic, home-cooked diet and live in the house with our family and other dog breeds. Each dog comes with a written health guarantee and are microchipped and registered with HomeAgain and AKC Reunite. Please see Our Breeding Philosophy page for a full list of benefits of purchasing a dog from Royal Cupids of York.

Our dogs live very long lives (17-22 years old) and would be a happy addition to your family for years to come.



 Male, projected possible adult weight appr. 5lbs




Female, projected possible adult weight appr. 4lbs