Why You Should Buy Your Yorkshire Terrier from Royal Cupids of York

We are like no other Yorkshire Terrier puppy breeder in America. We have a completely different breeding philosophy and concept of how we treat our dogs and puppies. Here’s what we do differently than every other breeder:

Yorkshire Terrier Breeding Success Worldwide

  • Our breeding dogs – BOTH of parents and majority of all ancestors in pedigree are DNA and Patella Luxation certified.
  • Puppies bred in our kennel are sold with complimentary 30 days pet health insurance policy.
  • Our females produce only 1 to 4 litters maximum in their lifetime and receive human level prenatal care by a Board Certified SPECIALIST VETERINARIAN at Companion Animal Clinic of Gainesville. We also have a Board Certified Veterinarian in Germany, HSB-Blendivet clinic https://www.blendivet.de. We also have a licensed veterinarian from Around Town Mobile Veterinary Clinic who makes house calls on a regular basis to keep all of our dogs in top health. We are grateful to Dr. Dove, Dr. Price, Dr. Kunze, and Dr. Bendinger for caring for our dogs for the past 15 years.

Our Yorkies Receive Only the Best Treatment

Our Yorkies live in-house with family and other dogs that are different in age and breed…this includes very large German Shepherds (GSDs).

Our dogs have 6 park-like fully fenced acres of yard to run, exercise and play. They have their own gym with treadmill machines. Our newborn puppies stay in the master suite with us until at least 4 weeks old for most care needed. After 4 weeks of age, we move them to spacious nurseries – guest bedrooms in our house with large windows providing lots of natural light. All blankets, toys and floor liners are changed and sanitized twice a day.

We want our dogs to be clean and comfortable with family life from the day they are born. This helps get the Yorkie puppies ready to live with a family and builds exceptional temperament.

Excellent Nutrition

The health of our puppies is of highest importance. We are the only breeder in the USA to feed our puppies organic meats, whole grains, nutritious vegetables, and fruits and berries in every meal. All ingredients are ‘human grade’ and are purchased from our local grocery store. More than three hours each day is spent preparing and cooking these meals from scratch to ensure our puppies get only the most nutritious food for exceptional health. This includes grinding the meat, chopping the vegetables, cooking the grains, etc. Vitamins and supplements are carefully calculated for every age and needs level.

Our dogs live very long lives and even at a very senior age (17-22 years old) are able to go up and down stairs easily and run around with younger animals in the yard.

Additional Benefits

Please see our testimonials page to hear about some of the great experiences that our other customers have had. Most of our customers came back for a second, a third, or fourth puppy, etc. along with sending friends and family members our way. We provide lifetime support and advice to our customers and love to hear about how much they love their puppies!

All puppies are sold with written evidence of full physical exam, vaccinations and deworming. All puppies come with written health guarantee Our Yorkie puppies are microchipped with an advanced pet identification and retrieval system called HomeAgain and AKC Reunite.

HomeAgain and AKC Reunite consists of a microchip with a unique identification code that is implanted between the shoulder blades of the pet. The pet is then enrolled with the HomeAgain, AKC Reunite Pet Recovery Service. HomeAgain and AKC Reunite maintains a national database and is available 24-hours daily, 365 days a year. When a lost pet is found, it can be scanned at an animal shelter or the clinic of a participating veterinarian. The animal’s identification number is called into HomeAgain and AKC Reunite , and the pet owner is notified immediately.

NOTE: We are professional and ALL of our sales are subject to the terms and conditions of our contract. By purchasing our puppies and dogs, the buyer agrees to the terms and conditions in our written sales Contract. Our contract provides written a health guarantee. We also provide our customers with written puppy care/feeding instructions.