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I purchased a Yorkie from Royal Cupids. It was a very pleasant and easy purchase. Quality puppy well loved and taken care of. Home raised. They were easy to work with and responsive to all my calls and email. Rest assured you will receive a great healthy puppy



I have had a wonderful experience with the owner. I seen plenty of dogs. She has an awesome home. I was provided with a contract and pedigree on both parents of my pup.


We love our perfectly cute addition to our family. We named ours Gizmo 🙂 Thanks Alena.


After a lifetime of never having a dog and really not looking forward to having in our home, my wife and I came to a compromise for our kids….. we could look into getting a family dog. My wife had 3 requirements though, it had to be non-shedding, hypoallergenic and not get any larger than 10 lbs. These requirements shortened our list quite a bit.

We decided to purchase our first family dog from Alena, at Royal Cupids of York. We traveled to her home in Northern Virginia and met her and the puppies in late September. There were two available, but I wanted to buy the cheaper one, because it was our first dog and wasn’t sure how it would go…. however, we really liked the other puppy, Tinkerbell, much more with her personality, coat and color being so distinctive. We placed a contract on the other, but spoke about Tinkerbell overnight and decided to call Alena back to change our selection, but Tink already had been selected by another family.

A few weeks later, Alena called my wife and I to let us know that the contract on Tink had fallen through and she was available…. we were thrilled! Alena knew we were trying to make this a special Christmas present for our kids and she agreed to keep Tink with her until the week of Christmas. She fed Tink, kept her shots up to date and even house broke her for us before we picked her up!! We could not have been in more need of someone who recognized our needs and helped with making our new addition to the family as seemless as possible, and Alena fit the bill perfectly!

As soon as you see her home, the beautiful German shepherds hovering over and protecting the Yorkies and how she prepares fresh meals with added vitamins (not can or bag food) for ALL her dogs daily, you’ll see a true professional who takes her responsibility to the animals seriously.

Thank you, Alena, for blessing our family with a happy, healthy little bundle of furbaby joy to come home to everyday! And you were right, she is closest to my wife…. the one who was most resistant to getting a pet! And my wife couldn’t be happier about it.


This business is run by a very professional and responsive lady. My interaction, and the entire process was extremely smooth as the owner was very responsive and willing to accommodate my schedule. I purchased my little boy, Jasper, from the owner of this very legitimate business, and couldn’t be happier – he has an excellent and lovable temperament. This business is the OPPOSITE of a puppy mills or scams, as the dogs are very well cared for in an excellent family home environment. You will NOT be disappointed!!


If you are looking for a healthy, intelligent Champion AKC Yorkshire Puppy, bred to please with a perfect disposition, contact Royal Cupids of York….after all…our tiny Yorkies are royalty.